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Friday, November 22, 2013
Monday, November 18, 2013

Chic Critique Cover Contest!

I'm excited to put my image in the running for the Cover contest! Check out the submissions at 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Feature Friday :: Bonnie Hussey

Today I am excited to begin Feature Friday! I will be featuring amazing Photographers right here on my blog for your viewing pleasure. The Photographers that are closest to my heart are fellow military wives, so I am happy to honor them on my little piece of internet space. SO lets begin!

I am thrilled to share with you the work of the talented Bonnie Hussey! She currently serves  JOINT BASE LEWIS MCHORD:: Olympia, Tacoma and south Seattle areas. You can learn more about her below or visit her at her website at  Thank You Bonnie for sharing your work!

How would you describe your photography style? 

Documentary, raw, real

What do you love most about being a photographer?

I love that I get the chance to be apart of some pretty big moments in other people's lives. Documenting a birth is nothing short of incredible and for families, brand new parents, to trust me with that is just… it's huge, in my opinion.

What inspires you most?

My kids. They are the reasons I even picked my camera back up and pushed myself to be so much more. 

What are your joys and challenges of being a military spouse?

Joys: I've been able to see parts of this world that I would never have been able to see on my own. I gave up my career as a soldier to support my husband's and watching him grow within his career and do what he loves over the last eight years has brought me so much happiness. 

Challenges: He's gone a lot with his job. I think it's harder on the kids, him and myself with him in and out. We all have to get used to a different routine when he's gone and then there is the readjusting period when he comes home. 

Tell us about your life as a military wife::

Well, I've been married to my husband for almost seven years (together for eight) and I knew from the night we met that he was supposed to be who I spent my life with. I still believe that. We met at Fort Benning in 2006, married after less then a year of dating, and a few months later we PCSed to Germany for four years. I loved our time there - despite him being deployed for a year twice. So far, Germany is the only place we've been stationed at that felt like "home." There's a much different camaraderie between the spouses when you're stationed overseas. I met some of my closest friends while we were stationed there. Now we're stationed at Fort Lewis. We've been here for a little over two years and it's a nice place to be stationed. 

 Image by Elena S Blair Photography

Meet the The Photographer:

 "I love life. I love being able to spend my days with my babies, hanging out with friends, and using my camera to record my life."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

“Take a Shot” a beginner’s photography class {Schertz, TX}


After several requests I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a Beginners Photography workshop!
I see so many people with fancy cameras that are stuck on auto. Let me teach you how to use your camera to its full potential!

“Take a Shot” a beginner’s photography class

What we’ll discuss:
  • ·         How to use your Digital SLR camera
  • ·          Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO, and how they all work together
  • ·         Different settings and what the mean
  • ·         Lighting: how to find beautiful natural light
  • ·         Composition
  • ·         Equipment suggestions
  • ·         30 min. of shooting time with discussion and questions
  • ·         The importance of capturing the candid moments and how to get them

Take home:
Printed Say NO to Auto card . It comes ready to be attached to your camera bag
The chance to win some awesome prizes!
Open email policy if you have questions after the workshop
Confidence to go into the world and be a better photographer
The Details:
December 7th, 2013
.Class size limited. First come, first served. Register by clicking HERE 

“Oh Crop”  a workflow and basic editing class

What we’ll discuss:
•                      raw vs jpeg
·                                  Downloading and storing your images

•                      Lightroom
•                      pre-sets
•                      simple, clean edits
•                      Photoshop:: basic tools and how to use them
Take home:
Printed photoshop short-cut sheet
The chance to win some awesome prizes!
Open email policy if you have questions after the workshop
The Details:
December 7th, 2013
Class size limited. First come, first served. register by clicking HERE 

Lunch will be served to those attending both classes as well as a 10% discount given on the combined total. You do not have to attend both! Sign up is individual for each class! 

*PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE! e-mail me for special financing options. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas Mini Sessions {Fort Sam Houston, TX / Cibolo, TX Family Portraits}

Now that Halloween is out of the way I’m sure you are already thinking about Christmas! I know we have Thanksgiving in there somewhere. Seriously though we only have 51 days left till Christmas…its coming up quick! It’s time to start thinking gifts and Christmas cards!

I don’t know about you but my family always begs for an up to date family picture. I can get away saying no to some, But have you ever been able to tell your Grandma no? If you have then you have to meet mine. She’s no joke and NO is not something you tell her. But, enough about me and my family start thinking about you and yours.

Pictures are such a meaningful, custom, heartfelt gift for a loved one. I tried to make the card sending and gift giving a little easier this year by offering these mini sessions. 

The sessions will take place on November 16th in Cibolo, TX and on November 17th on Fort Sam Houston.  These are my last mini sessions of 2013 (it’s crazy writing that)  Please take advantage of this great deal. There are a limited number of slots so get them while they’re hot!? (I’m not sure if that makes sense here- but I’ve always wanted to say that) 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WHY I'm STILL A Photographer { Silver Lane, A Military Family Photographer}

For those of you who know me, you probably have heard this story. I’ve never shared it on such a public platform, though. I will say this is not easy to do but I think it’s important that my clients and fans understand WHY it is I do photography and WHY I see the value of pictures.

I often get called “just a photographer” and if I had a dollar for every time I hear “Those are really nice pictures. What kind of camera do you have?” I could probably shoot for free.  I use to be one of these people, too. I didn’t understand the value of a picture, or even what it took to take a great image. I’d even say I didn’t understand it my first year of business. **GASP** Yes, I said it. I was a photographer and I didn’t understand the value of pictures.

All of that changed on October 29, 2011. Before I can tell you the end I have to back pedal a bit and tell you that a week before, on October 22, 2011, this country lost a HERO. A true hero; an American hero. If you are unfamiliar with this story you can find it here:

My dear friend had lost her husband in the very real war that men are still fighting in to this day. To say this was a low point in my life doesn’t do it justice. I watched the mourning that took place, and dealt with death for the first time. Of course I’ve had family members pass, but for me they had all lived a long and fulfilling life. This was the first time that “gone to soon” was something I had to say.  It was the first time I had to explain death to my children because their friends’ daddy was never coming home.

After Kris’ death, I decided I was done; no more photography for me. I was still highly emotional from the news and I was pregnant. Why that was in my thoughts, I’m not sure.  I was dealing with a lot and I was angry. Angry at the world, and in a place of mourning myself.  The night I decided to quit I said a little prayer…I asked God to show me what it is that I am meant to do. I asked him to show me how I can help my friend and others. It was a “show me the way” prayer.

The next morning I awoke to a voice-mail from the photo editor at PEOPLE magazine. They wanted to use my picture in a story about Kris. I didn't even believe it was real at first. Why my picture? I thought “My images aren't good enough to be in a magazine.”  I told you Sarah was my dear friend but I didn’t tell you how we became friends. I had the honor of taking their family pictures. With a new baby, it was their only complete family picture.  PEOPLE wanted this picture, and in that very moment I realized a picture’s worth. I’m not talking money here; I’m talking emotional, memorial value.

I took their only professional family picture! Then, I began to think that I didn’t have a professional family picture of my own family. The reality that life can be taken from us at any moment and all we have left are memories and pictures hit, and it hit HARD! I made a promise to myself that I would not only have family pictures taken of my own family but that I would try to share the value of pictures with others. I became driven to not only progress in my knowledge of photography, but to also share it with as many people as possible!  I decided to really dig into photography and try to learn as much as possible so that I could produce amazing images for all of my clients so that, when they look back for whatever reason, they can see and feel what that moment was like; they will have a memory captured forever.

I don’t take pictures because it’s fun, or for money. I take them because they are memories, and because I know that even if, in the moment, they don’t mean much, one day they will mean the world to you!

6 months later I had our first professional family images taken by the lovely Sarah Fuccillo ( of Sumner, WA.  I highly recommend her. 

in-case you are wondering... it was like pulling teeth to get my husband to take pictures in his uniform.  He thanked me a year later.

You can also view Kris' body coming back to his family, as well as view his beautiful family on Sarah's blog here:: you might recognize my handsome husband helping to carry his casket, it was his greatest honor. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Twins! { Fort Sam Houston Portrait Photographer, FSH Texas }

I really do believe that these babies need to be on the cover of a magazine! They are just so adorable! Can you believe that we had NO TEARS the entire session!!! 

and for my facebook followers the controversial baby bum picture::

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jasmine, a Wagner High School Senior {San Antonio Senior Photographer, Schertz, TX}

Had a BLAST with this beautiful senior Jasmine! Wagner High school class 2014! She is so bubbly, fun, and just plain awesome. She is such a natural beauty! To book your session email

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Location, Location, Location :: San Antonio, TX portrait photographer

I am so excited to be in the great state of TEXAS! It is a drastic change from Washington! The heat everyone complains about down here is amazing- I've seen the sun everyday! I don't need my Starbucks to survive anymore. I do occasionally have to indulge on S-bucks anyways. Whataburger is SO yummy- and bluebell ice cream is delish! There is SO much to do down here. Anyhow I am excited to get my photography up and running again.

I finally have a computer up an going and I am working on getting all my Washington orders squared away. I truly MISSED shooting these last few weeks. I was beyond excited to get behind the camera today as I location scouted the San Antonio area. My husband was so sweet and let me use him as a location guinea pig. I think they came out great! This also served as a great reminder to me of what a good-looking man I married! here are a few shots from tonight::