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Saturday, August 27, 2011


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Monday, July 18, 2011

a {Bridal Shower} in madhatter style

I had the Joy of photographing a bridal shower, it was so unique and fun I just HAD to share it. I had no idea that gorgeous hats were going to be, when I arrived I felt like I was in every photographer’s DREAM!!  It is an experience I will always remember. Congratulations to M, and her two make a great couple! Thanks Jessica for allowing me this great opportunity ;)
Side note: I am still busy editing the Retreat sessions, as well as the bridal shower. I will update everyone on my progress by the weekend...thank you for your understanding!!

until next time..........
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Retreat Mini-Sessions} Suncadia Lodge :: Silver Lane Photography

I just wanted to thank all of those who participated in the marriage retreat mini sessions! I had a blast photographing your families in such a beautiful setting. Editing is going smoothly and I should have all the pictures completed before I even thought that I would. Thank you again for participating!
 I want to send a special thank you out to Chaplain Mucher for allowing me to take photos at this event, and for all his hard work in putting together such a wonderful weekend. He puts so much time and effort into these events and I have nothing but great appreciation for a weekend allowing me to focus on what matters most – God, My Husband, and My family!!
Here are a few photos that I wanted to share…

I hope all of you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Keep a look out for a e-mail from me letting you know that your pictures are ready ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wednesdays just got better!! I would like to introduce WHAT TO WEAR WEDNESDAYS! If there is a what to wear question you have feel free to let me know, chances are someone else has the same question!
So let’s get started…..
The very idea of hanging a giant canvas family portrait sounds appealing. It adds a personal touch to your home that reflects the importance of family in your life. It captures vivid memories in a photo, and freezes time in that single moment. Every person in that picture is special in your heart in their own unique and individual way. The love that you share for one another shines through that portrait hanging on your wall, for all to see.

Often, it so happens that due to a poor choice in clothes or accessories, a photograph that has potential to look splendid, comes out to be just plain ordinary. I’m not saying you need to go out and hire a stylist or purchase expensive clothes just for a photo session. I am saying that what you wear for your family portraits is a highly important aspect of the portraits outcome. It is best to pick a color palette and plan everyone’s outfit based on that select group of colors. White shirts and jeans are so 90’s! Try not to be to matchy-machy but more “coordinated”.  Layers, textures, and bold colors tend to look best! Avoid too much jewelry. But, most importantly BE YOU! If you are a jeans and converse type of girl, then please don’t come sporting a skirt and high-heels. I want you to feel comfortable, while looking fabulous! If you are anything like me all these words really aren’t helping…So I have included a picture for my visual people ;)

Visit back every Wed. for more tips and examples!
Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Rouse EyeCARE center for a second time to pick up the girl’s new glasses. I had such a great experience that I HAD to blog about it! Okay first off, the Rouse’s LOVE the military…which I LOVE people who support our troops! They offer a 15% off frames to all military (try finding that somewhere else!) and considering that both girl’s needed glasses it worked great for me and my pocket book ;) Their office is so kid friendly it is ridiculous. I usually am nervous to take the girl’s in for appointments, because well dependent on their mood they can either be really good or really bad.  This was a so-so day for them, but the staff is so friendly it ended up going very well.
I learned a lot about the importance of taking your kiddos to the eye Dr. I wish I would have taken them sooner. Did you know kids can go as early as 6months! My mom was so confused as to what you would do for a children’s eye exam….. After, sitting through the girl’s examination it is not much different from an Adult! My oldest is already saying that she can see the letters on the pages of her books better. This is great to hear as a mom :-)
 SO if you are in the lacey area and need a GREAT eye DR…you HAVE to go to Dr. Craig Rouse!!!  They are right by the Ram and Wal-Mart, visit them on-line at or call 360.455.4425
 I feel like such a commercial right now…but when I find something great I want to share it! Those of you who know me- or follow my blog know that I don’t do this often- so just keep that in mind ;)
So since this is a PHOTOGRAPHY blog and all- check out my little cuties below in their glasses…I mean how could I not take a picture!?
My Girl's in their new glasses!

Why Choose Custom Photography!?

I have been asked WHY it is that someone would pay more money to have custom portraits when they could just got to walmart or the mall and have pictures taken...So in response to that I would like to share this article  Written by Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography :

Custom Photography as something "special"
Custom photography is more of a luxury than your entry level cookie cutter chain experience.  Custom photography truly is not for everyone, it requires a level of commitment, investment in time  and money, forethought and planning on the part of the subject/client and requires a larger time commitment for the photographer as well.
Clients who enjoy taking a more active role in the creation of their families’ memories have the desire to have portrait art that is truly personalized.  These more discerning clients have been known to budget and allot time for a custom photography session.  Many clients opt for it to be a once a year special experience, some opt to have custom photography sessions done to record their child's stages in life.  Having said this, it is clear that custom photography is not in everyone’s budget,  it is something that most families save for to splurge on from time to time to memorialize their children as they really are  (not posed and primped in the cookie cutter studio setting). 
There is a great deal of time involved in creating high end custom photography sessions for a client.  The luxury of great service, better choices and a superb end product.  The result of all this are heirloom quality images.  The time invested at the session is only a small portion of time involved in this process.
Custom photography has been likened to purchasing a fine vehicle.  To get to point B from A let's face it, even a bus ride would suffice.  If you want to luxuriate in a finely appointed vehicle, customizing your own experience by listening to smooth jazz while sitting in a climate controlled setting adjusted purely for your comfort in a body hugging leather interior, perhaps that Lexus you so desire is your cup of tea.  Custom photography is much the same cup of tea.  It is the Lexus of the photography world.  It is where the intangibles make the experience truly wonderful and the images themselves make the investment of money and time truly worthwhile.   
Custom photography can be broken down into even more levels.  There are on location, studio, mixed studio/on location, specialty location and destination type photographers.  The beauty of custom photography is in the choices and in the luxury of those options.  The customized service level you are sure to experience will be amazing.  The knowledge that your final images are the result of someone caring about those moments so much that they take extra time ensuring that the artwork you receive is good enough to stand by with their name on it.  That level of quality and commitment  is all but lost in the age of "mass produced," "mass marketed," corporate "everyone is a number".  Custom photography is based on being unique to you.  How great an experience would be,  to be able to sit back and allow a photographer to do this highly custom work for images that you will most likely cherish for a lifetime?
Keep in mind more than anything that the Lexus will never appreciate in value the way your portraits will.  The portrait art you become invested in from your custom photographer will no doubt increase in value and become more priceless as the years pass.

~tiny princess~ {Lacey,WA Newborn Photographer}

Here is a tiny princess that I had to share on the blog! She is the smallest baby I have ever held in my arms. So small, and precious and such a sweetheart. Don't let her size fool you...she was a hungry little thing!!

A special thanks to her family for allowing me to capture her beauty in a photograph!
Monday, May 23, 2011

~Beautiful Baby Boy~ Lacey, WA Newborn Photography

I had the joy of photographing this little newborn...He comes from such a wonderful family it is no surprise that he was an angel! I owe his family so much, as they have helped me with my relationship with God. I will forever be grateful that they have come into my life! 
“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” – James 1:17

~Back Again~

This is now the 3rd blog I have created. I am here and I am NOT going anywhere ;) I will be making a HUGE effort to keep in touch with my clients through my blog~ so please stay tuned, great things are in store :)