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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Hall Family {Fort Lewis Family Portrait Photographer:: JBLM, WA}

I had so much fun with this adorable family! So much LOVE!! <3

Monday, April 8, 2013

PB Kids look-a-like (crafty photog)

PB Kids look-a-like

Lately I’ve been feeling like my home needs a little (ok a lot) more “TLC” in the decorating department.   I especially love making things myself and with my new addiction to Pinterest it wasn’t hard to find my first project!

 I decided to take a break from editing and try this crazy awesome Pottery barn Growth chart knock-off. 

Word on the street is the Pottery Barn version is around 150 bucks. With other pinners claiming to have made the same thing for $10 dollars…I thought I’d be stupid not to give it a try. I found this pin from the Naptime Decorators blog. ( I thought her tutorial was great. I will share how I went about making this just in-case you are too lazy to click her link or because you know I’ll share every detail;)

1x8x6 wood board
Stain 8oz ( I used minwax cherry)
Fine grit sanding block
Old rag
Foam stain brush or paint brush
Container for the stain (I used an old bowl)
Measuring tape
Black paint marker
1 ½ inch letter stencils (with numbers of course)
Old piece of cardboard (or save the paint marker packaging, which is what I did)
Protective finish 8oz (I uses minwax water based polycrylic)

Making your totally rad board:
First, you want to prep your board by sanding it down *lightly* with your fine grit sanding block. Rub all the excess off with your old rag. Stain your board with your chosen wood stain. I only did one coat. Once the board is completely dry (I let mine dry for about 4 hours) Use your pencil to mark your measurements on the board.  I started the bottom of the board at 6 inches so that I can hang it 6 inches off the ground for accurate height measurements. Start your board at however high you want to hang your board from the ground.  I did my markings down the left side and made my quarter and foot marking longer in order to give it the “hey, I’m a real ruler” look.  Do your first lines in pencil.

SO one thing I couldn't find in any of the tutorials I read was how long those stinkin little lines actually were. So bare with me as I try to explain this…. My regular lines were 1inch long, the quarter inch lines are 1 ½ inch long and the foot marking lines are 2 ¾ inch long. There is no method to that madness. Basically I just made myself a line template. You can do that on your piece of cardboard or the thick paper packaging off your marker package. That is also how I got my lines straight…I used the cardboard as a guide.  

I then traced my numbers in pencil using my stencil. Then I painted in the numbers with the paint marker.  Once that was all dry I then painted on a protective coat of polycrilyc. I attached the gator picture hanger to the back. As you can see in the picture... It hasn't been hung yet.  Only because I am not 100% sure where to hang it. I am waiting for the hubby to get home to get a second opinion on that!

I will say I am SUPER happy with the final product! Being a military family I can’t think of a better piece to follow us from home to home! If you decide to make one feel free to share. If you have any questions let me know!
Random note:: if I were to do this project again I would add gloves to the supply list- they would have come in handy for the staining part. I am known to get a little messy when I craft - maybe its just me! ? Oh and I’m not one of those “OH,  it cost me 5 dollars because I already had the supplies” girl. I didn't have ANY of these supplies so it cost me around $27 total for this project. I may have told I lie- I did have a rag and old bowl so add a buck or two if you don’t have those!

**disclaimer:: all images were taken with my iphone and are not edited – please excuse all photography in this post;)