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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Location, Location, Location :: San Antonio, TX portrait photographer

I am so excited to be in the great state of TEXAS! It is a drastic change from Washington! The heat everyone complains about down here is amazing- I've seen the sun everyday! I don't need my Starbucks to survive anymore. I do occasionally have to indulge on S-bucks anyways. Whataburger is SO yummy- and bluebell ice cream is delish! There is SO much to do down here. Anyhow I am excited to get my photography up and running again.

I finally have a computer up an going and I am working on getting all my Washington orders squared away. I truly MISSED shooting these last few weeks. I was beyond excited to get behind the camera today as I location scouted the San Antonio area. My husband was so sweet and let me use him as a location guinea pig. I think they came out great! This also served as a great reminder to me of what a good-looking man I married! here are a few shots from tonight::