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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Fischer Family { Fort Sam Houston Family Portrait Photography}

Today I am featuring another 2013 family on the Blog. I had the please of working with them twice!! If you'd like to view the mother and son session you can find it by clicking HERE
I was beyond excited to work with their family after an awesome session the first time. They did not disappoint, this family rocks! Their children are just...I'm having trouble thinking of a word to describe how beautiful they are..beautiful doesn't seem elaborate enough. Gorgeous? GORGEOUS! we'll go with that one;)

 Meet Fischer Family::

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Gonzalez Family { New Braunfels Family Portrait Photography}

Today I am doing a little catch up on the blog! This is the lovely Gonzales family! I had the pleasure of taking their photos back in November 2013. Sessh! I can't believe its already 2014. 
All I have to say about this session is that 
MOM and DAD G you two are in-trouble, my friends. These kiddos of you are gorg and you need to invest in baseball bats and weapons for their teenage years! ;)