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Sunday, September 30, 2012

500 Fan giveaway winners!

.....AFTER a longer wait then expected the winners for the 500 fan giveaway are.....

SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG I HAD TO VERIFY all rules were followed;) and I decided to have more than 2 winners:)

The $500 BP4U winner

  Sarah M Beeson

The  Rachael Brenke  $150 Gift certificate and  $10 off coupon to “the little bitty prop shop”
winner is

Ramona P

A session by Silver Lane Photography winner is

Rebecca Salazar 

The Urban Garden headbands winner is

Kiersten Slevin

to claim your prize please e-mail 

Thank YOU to everyone who participated!! I will do another giveaway at 1,000 likes!

Friday, September 21, 2012

**500 FAN GIVEAWAY!***

I reached 500 fans so lets CELEBRATE with a giveaway!
 Here is what’s up for grabs!


*NEW* BP4U Photography tips and guides has decided to join in the Giveaway too! They are offering up a $500 Gift Card to their shop!!

Have you heard of Rachel Brenke? That’s a name you want to know as a photographer. She is such a wonderful person and photographer. I remember how I first came across her…she didn’t have as many fans as she does now (yes I have to claim that I loved her help and work before all the hype) But I came across an image of hers that showed her progression as a photographer. She really inspired me to keep trying, when I was close to giving up. She offers amazing products for photographers (her work is amazing too- duh) I am a proud owner of a few of her products and I am pleased to say they are GREAT!  Go Check her out at:

Up for grabs from Rachael Brenke is $150 Gift certificate  to anything in the Rock your biz shop!! (too bad I can’t keep this one for myself-hehe) *NEW* All giveaway participants use code SILVERLANE30 for 30$ off!!!

The Photographer winner of the group will also win a $10 off coupon to “the little bitty prop shop” They have the cutest newborn hats!!


 A free session of your choice with yours truly! I am able to book a session in Northern Colorado, Pacific Sound Washington, or the San Antonio, TEXAS area!  Your session can only take place in one of these 3 areas:)

I have some wonderful pieces to give away from THE URBAN GARDEN. My daughters and  I often wear her products and I just adore the creator of these beautiful pieces. I can always count on The urban Garden for high quality, perfectly made products. So here is your chance to have one of the phenomenal pieces to call your own!

The headband is made of vintage wool, flannel fabric with onyx, pearl and glass beads value $ 20.00  Bobbie pin set- white with swarovski ctystal,  leopard print with 3 black glass beads value $ 12.00
Green felt flower sewn onto a non-slip elastic headband adorned with a black glass bead value $6.50  

So here are the giveaway rules. To be entered to win you must     

Step 1: Make sure you are a FAN of Silver Lane Photography on facebook:

Step 2: Become a fan of all the AWESOME vendors on Facebook (leave them some love):

Step 3: Share the giveaway link on your page! (share the blog or my facebook post, or pin the giveaway on pinterest) each counts as an extra entry to win the prize! 

Step 4: Leave a comment on this blog saying if you are a Photographer, or Fan and how you shared this link! 

Good luck everyone!!! I will announce the winner here on my blog Friday September 28th!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

THIIPS: Photography tips:: CAMERA JARGON

I often see people with beautiful DSLR cameras that think because their camera was expensive they will produce better images. There is something to be said about today’s DSLR cameras, but if you aren’t shooting in manual you are wasting a beautiful thing. Think about it. You wouldn’t buy a race car to drive your child to school in every day. Yes, it gets the job done (and you look awesome doing it) but are you using that car to its potential? Are you using your camera to its potential!?
What is a  DSLR?
A DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) Are digital cameras combining a digital camera back (replacing film) with the parts of a single-lens reflex camera. These cameras use a mirror to direct light from a camera's lens to its viewfinder.
All this camera jargon, what does it all mean?  
  • Aperture -- how wide open the lens is. The wider your opening the more light hits the sensor.
  • Shutter speed -- how quickly the camera closes. The higher the shutter speed, the faster it closes.
  •  ISO -- the camera's light sensitivity. In the past this was associated with film speed. Now it is associated with your lighting. In open sun and ISO of 100 will be sufficient. In shade or in doors 400 would work best
  • Exposure -- whether you have too little, too much or just enough light. The exposure compensation scale you see in your camera's viewfinder indicates your lighting exposure levels so you should adjust your aperture, shutter speeds and ISO accordingly.
  • White balance -- removes colors casts for truer whites. Most cameras have adjustments based on the type of lighting your camera is experiencing. Tungsten and florescent are common white balances used when indoors.
Once you have all the technical terms figured out PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. You will see your photography improve immensely over time! Reading your cameras manual may seem tedious but well worth it. Know your camera, and it will show in your images.

I do not by any means feel that I know EVERYTHING about cameras or photography. I just hope that the images above will inspire you! I am proud of where I have been, where I am now, and where I will one day be. We all start somewhere! I hope you will join me next week for more THIPS::Photography tips! If you missed last weeks you can find it here:

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a THIP subject email me at or comment below!

Join me next Thursday for more THIPS!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

THIPS: Photography tips:: Composition


Rules are meant to be broken? Isn’t it true that one must understand the rule, before they can break it? Today I will be discussing a basic image composition rule. Once you understand it feel free to break it. Every image is YOUR art! I do however want to help you understand what makes an image visually appealing.

The most common rule of composition is the “rule of thirds”. You will find this rule amongst a broad spectrum of art- to include paintings and drawings. The rule of thirds is basically a division of an image to show the most interesting points. Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The cross sections of these lines is where you should position the subject of your image. In the example below I have placed my subject in two cross sections. It is okay if the subject is in only one.  If you are taking a landscape picture having the horizon follow one of the lines will add visual appeal.

By following the rule of thirds you will add balance and interest to every image. Keep in mind that there is always an exception to the rule. Just because an image doesn’t follow the rule does not make it a bad one!  So get out there and try it out! I’d love to see your photos e-mail them to me at

See my two examples below to show how an image can become a bit dull without following the rule. 

I've marked both cross sections with A Red X- this image follows the rule of thirds. It also incorporates one of my tips from last week!  Get low and to your subjects level. I find this image very intriguing.

This image does NOT follow the rule. While it is still a decent image it doesn't draw you in as the example above does. Had the image been moved to the left or right (into a cross section) it would have caught your eye more. 
The image above is also taken from above the subject. Read last weeks thip at
that talks about getting low and at the subjects level!

Thank you for reading today!I hope the examples help to show why the rule of thirds can be an important part of your photography.

Join me next Thursday for more THIPS! ;)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Model Attire Monday's:: What to WEAR

Model Attire MONDAY!

Sometimes I can be a little handicap when it comes to how to dress! I need a little visual aid action, so I thought you might enjoy some too. I have decided to make the first Monday of the month Model Attire Monday!

Let’s get to it! A very important tip to remember when dressing your family for portraits is texture. Yes, denim is a texture;) I happen to be a sucker for red white and blue (I’m a military wife REMEMBER?!) So here is a little visual of an eye appealing attire collection for a family of 5. Notice how each outfit is not exactly the same. Yet the outfits go nicely together! 

If you need any help selecting outfits you know who to call!