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Thursday, August 30, 2012

THIPS:: Photography Tips:: KIDS

Thursdays’s are now THIPS on the Silver Lane Photography blog! What are THIPS…they are photography tips! ;) This is of course new, so your feedback and comments will be much appreciated.

Today's THIPS are for parents and will be 5 easy to apply tips for better images of your baby/toddler! I have a now 9 month old…I know what a challenge getting his picture can be.

1. No poses-The best advice I can give is DO NOT try and pose your little one.  Fidgety babies and toddlers are not going to sit still long enough for you to get that picture you’re envisioning. At this age candid images will be more meaningful. Now I am not against, and actually recommend, taking your baby outside and giving him some “props” or toys of your choice.   The natural lighting will produce better images anyway!

2. Temperament- don’t forget that your baby or toddler is a “little person” with his own feelings and emotions. It is quite possible that your child won’t want their picture taken. Don’t push it! Besides you won’t be too happy about the pouty face image you get anyway.  As a parent we know our child’s schedule, and when they are more likely to cooperate. I doubt you will get a smile before nap time. So keep this in mind.

3. Cheese? - Why do we need cheese to take a picture? You’re right, we don’t! I cannot stress enough the crazy faces you will get by telling your toddler to say “cheese” for a picture. Think about it…do you think you would look good if you were talking in a picture? I mean unless you are just “ridiculously good looking” like Zoolander I bet NOT! So save the cheese for snack time…and inspire a natural smile.

4. Drop it Drop it Drop it low! - To really capture your child and life as they see it, get low. Kneel down and view the world from their level. Images from this perspective are great! So kneel, lay, drop it...whatever you need to do to GET LOW!

5. Pay attentions to your surroundings! – I have seen some amazing images of a child ruined by a pile of clothes in the background. Use your super-mom or super-dad skills to quickly scan the area and remove things in the background that might later be undesirable.

Below are examples of the THIPS above. They were taken in a backyard! Seriously! I'd love to see the pictures you take using the THIPS above;) e-mail them to me at

If that picture doesn't make you smile- I don't know what will;)

He was afraid of the grass.... he was put in a chair.... ahhh! much better!

Next Tuesday I will write about image composition! So check back for more THIPS! Hope to see you then!