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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CHRIS PAPE: 2014 Air Force Spouse of the Year

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...this is the sweetest dog!

About this session: 

After getting over my nerves to meet such an inspirational military spouse, I was able to calm down and truly enjoy the experience. Dana and Chris are two very humble, genuine, beautiful people. Chris kept me laughing all session!  When our session was over, I felt as if I'd known them forever! Although I don't think Chris enjoyed my jokes about submitting only the images where he was making crazy faces. Not the "I wasn't ready, I might be blinking" crazy face, I'm talking about the "I'm a total guy and am going to make a silly face because I can" crazy face. (sorry chris) But as you can see above, I didn't do that! 
Our session began at the Pape's home here in San Antonio, Texas and ended at Randolf Air Force Base (a base of Joint Base San Antonio) I am a huge fan of sun flare and golden light, so we shot close to sunset to capture what I had envisioned.  The Pape's are so natural in front of the Camera! I had such a great time!

I MUST thank Tim Fraga ( for his assistance during the Randolf portion of the session. Not only was he a great photo assistant but he helped to calm my nerves of having a PR Rep escort us around base. I was certain she was going to shout out "stop, you can't do that!" at any second. Thankfully that didn't happen. For all you folks wondering Photographs are not permitted on military installations. 

Overall Shooting for Military Spouse Magazine and meeting the amazing Chris p is an exrience that I will cherish for ever! If you have the chance to support Military Magazine and/or Chris Pape I highly encourage you to do so! 

Chris Pape:
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SLP is in Military Spouse Magazine!

I am SO excited to share with you Silver Lane Photography's debut in Military Spouse Magazine! I had the absolute honor of photographing Chris Pape and His wife Dana. Chris is the 2014 Air Force Spouse of the year!  Chris is the founder and creator of Macho Spouse ( Macho Spouse was created to assist Male military spouses. It fills the void for the husbands of service members who are typically excluded from the common spousal assistance such as the FRG (although not always on purpose, it is the reality)
As a military spouse myself I was ecstatic to meet such a great advocate for military families. While others stand back and observe, Chris is in the action creating valuable resources for males and females alike. While also striving to protect our military community. 

The people over at Military Spouse Magazine were an absolute joy to work with! Please support them! Go pick up your copy of Military Spouse Magazine featuring Silver Lane Photography!  Come back soon to the blog for The Pape session feature. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

CHIC Cover Contest

The wonderful ladies over at Chic Critique are having a Cover contest for their amazing magazine. If you are a photog you should definately sign up to recieve their mag! This months theme is "Natural" and I don't think there is an image that describes that better than this.....

This images was taken with Natural light. The model (Lauren Holt) is so naturally beautiful and appears here in VERY little make-up. Her skin really is that flawless!

head over to to view the other submissions!