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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby, its cold outside! {glimpses 52 project}

On my first post of the New Year- I talked about wanting my clients to know the REAL me. So, I've decided to join in on the "glimpses 52 project" held by Chic Critique  This is my first submission! 
A little about me, and the picture:
You may have heard on the news that Washington State was hit by some snow. Its interesting experiencing snow in Washington- having moved here from Colorado- it was even funny at times. Washington isn't close to being prepared for snow storms, not even just a little bit. But i'll cut the state some slack considering  it's not a common occurrence to see snow in this beautiful state. So having that said, my kids were crazy excited to go outside and have some fun! It was one of those moments where you just say "YES" because you have been asked the same question more times than you can count within a 2min period. SO They bundled up and headed out! I stayed inside and watched as they slid down hills, made snowmen, and had a snowball fight (baby is still too small to venture out in all that) As they headed home trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue, I was able to catch these two images: 
Here you can see my youngest girl, and my biggest kid- the hubby:) 

Kj exhausted after playing, but still trying to get one last snow flake

They came in to a warm fire, and hot chocolate WITH MARSHMALLOWS- marshmallows are very important we can't forget those:) 

Check back next week for week 2 of  "glimpses 52 project"


Friday, January 20, 2012

Marriage Retreat {Mini-Sessions} 2012

They're Back!!! That's right I have the pleasure of serving the family's of the men who so selflessly serve our country!

Please note that there has been changes made since the last retreat. I have changed the sign-up process and the amount of sessions available for a relaxed experience as well as a faster turnaround time. I hope that you will embrace the changes and contact me if there are any questions. The biggest change to take note of is that payment is required before your session. I appreciate your understanding and I can't WAIT to work with you!

If you are unable to make it to the retreat and are interested in a session, I have a special offer for you! e-mail with the details of when you would like to schedule!

thank you!
Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keep your tootsies warm! {what to wear::January::Olympia,WA}

Snow!  In Washington – Say whaaaat!? Yes, seriously it is snowing here in the great capitol of Washington State! It’s defiantly not an everyday occurrence. My husband and I had to giggle (being from Colorado we have seen our fair share of snow!) when the majority of the news was about our less than 2inch snowfall. Oh, silly Washington. Anyhow it had me wanting to take pictures so very badly, that it got me thinking, what do you wear in cold weather to be fashionably warm!? I mean seriously, I don’t want my clients freezing their little tushies off trying to get an amazing family photo!  
So a little word of advice is LAYERS! I mean you can always shed some layers if you get warm, and well if you don’t, layers are super cute. What about those new and very fashionable boot socks. I have yet to get a pair of my own but I can’t wait to photograph someone wearing them! Or why don’t you try bringing sexy back…I mean leg warmers back! Leg warmers are cute…riggghtttt!? Look at this cute pair

 Get them at for 5 bucks…yep super cheap, but yet cute!
Who doesn’t love a pea coat!? They will keep you warm and are super chic! Why not put one of the kiddos in a pea coat too!? Try this one
 and its on sale at Nordies!! I love a deal!

Well lovelies that’s all I have for now! Here are some complete outfits for inspiration! If you need to know where anything is fun just “holla atcha girl” – I mean just ask- haha:) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Love Birds {Engagement session:: Tacoma, WA}

I am delighted to present the first session of the new year! Kevin and Julia are ENGAGED! I am so happy for these two, they really are amazing people. Their devotion to God is admirable, and they have been so kind as to help my husband and I grow in our relationship with God. SO it was with much happiness that I photographed these two in their blissful state of love. I mean aren’t they stinkin’ cute!!! As I’m snapping pictures I’m thinking to myself.... I can’t wait till these two have a baby…can you say GORGEOUS! I know, whoa whoa…slow down they still have a wedding to do! I’m just saying they’re pretty people that’s all! ;)

Until next time friends,

PS: Kevin and Julia I hope you enjoy this SNEAK PEAK! :) I can't wait for you to see the rest!


What a sad little blog this is :( (double boo) Well that’s about to change!!! WELCOME 2012! It’s time for sneak peaks, outfit suggestions, helpful tips, and everything your little heart could desire on MY BLOG! 2011 was a time for planning, and 2012 is the time for change! This year I will really be focusing on my style as a photographer and opening up for the world to see ME, who I am as a person and how that relates to my photography. I welcome you to this New Year, only 11 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited for the evolution of my photography!!
What is a post without a picture….
SO here is the first WHAT TO WEAR OF the New Year!

That's all for now folks!